Orico / Meisen Stool / Exhibition


“Meisen” is traditional silk fabrics which became common throughout Japan from Taisho era to Showa era as women’s casual wear and fashionable wear.
“Meisen” which was born along with modernization of Japan became very popular nationwide from the beginning to the middle of 20th century. Also in recent years, its bold design and techniques gather people’s interests from not only Japan but also many countries over the world.
The exhibition “VIVID MEISEN” is now held at The Japan Cultural Institute in Rome till June 4th. The exhibition communicates vitality of the people and society of Japan through “Meisen” which was created in rapid change of Japanese society by introducing the works with especially colorful patterned and free expression.
At the exhibition, “Orico -meisen stool-” was released as the collaboration work of the designer, Junya Maejima and E.V.E Communications Group Co. Ltd. in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Italy and Japan.
By using the 1950s meisen silk, the stool not only connect Western countries and Japan, but also shows new possiblity to today when the woth of Japanese culture is changing with the times.

Creative Direction and Design by Junya Maejima
In Association with Hiro+associe l.l.C
Collaboration with E.V.E Communications Group Co. Ltd. (Collaborated work vol.1)
Fabric Cooperated by Haruo Hashimoto
Special thanks to Mizuho Morita
Photographer: Hidetoshi Fukuoka